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On 9/22/2022 at 9:30 AM, Randomflutterby said:

Hi all.

Recently acquired a new 29 Gallon tank that includes 7 tiger barbs and a bristlenose pleco


My question is, would adding my other 6 tiger barbs I already have to it be too many for the tank?  It would mean 13 tiger barbs, and a bristlenose pleco.



It should be fine for now when they are smaller but remember that they prefer long tanks rather then tall.

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Bio-load should be good with adequate filtration, just keep up with the water changes.  It sounds like you've kept barbs before?  I never have, but they are on my list.  I plan to put them in a 33 long or even a a 55.  I have a vacant 29 currently, but I don't think it is ideal for them.

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