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Unwanted Moss growth

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I purchased a couple moss balls a few years ago. Since then the miss begun to grow on the rocks, drift wood, live plants, and glass of my tank. I have been taking it out as much as I can, even taking out the larger growth areas in my gravel and boiling the rest. I put the gravel back in the tank and it’s still slowly coming back in tiny areas. How can I ever stop it from growing back into the things of my tank? 

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They definitely grow. I admit, I left one unattended in a shrimp tank, it didn't get flipped or turned over much at all and the last time I saw it, it had grown another "ball" on the side of it instead of staying a nice round shape. I also tore one apart and super glued it onto manzanita years ago, didn't rinse it well enough and little fuzz cladophora chunks floated around and attached itself to everything. 

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