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Anubius Nanas & Crinum Calamistratum


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I am very new when it comes to planted tanks. I had joined a few groups on Facebook looking for advice, however the posts were more "look at my glorious tank" as opposed to giving newbies answers to their questions.

Below is a photo of my anubius plants. (The smaller one is definitely A. Nana, the other is taller & lighter in color - the package read Betta Bunk Anubius sp)

Have I planted them correctly? The roots are down in the gravel substrate and the rhizome is on top of the rocks. 

I had three nymphaea bulbs turn out to be duds, and plan on ordering a Crinum Calamistratum to replace them. That will fill my 3 gallon Betta tank.


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Yes they look planted correctly.  Welcome to the forum. Everyone here is very helpful.  (But we do like to show our tanks off also 🤗). I find it hard to keep them planted at first so sometimes will glue the rhizome to a few pieces of gravel or use a plant weight to keep them from floating away. 

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