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Bouncing Baby Baenschi !


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This is my second spawn of these, still growing out the first. 

Need to see if I can separate the males and females this weekend (of the first spawn). I'm not familiar enough yet with this species to feel confident about sexing them very young. They all look identical to my eyes up until recently. And the fact that they hide a lot makes it harder to observe them. 

Also, anyone have any suggestions for a bottom feeder that's good to keep with apistos that won't 1) eat the fry 2) get killed by the mother? 

I find it hard to keep their tanks clean without routinely siphoning out uneaten food (and yes I do try feeding less). Once they spawn, I don't siphon at all for the obvious reasons and this makes the tanks get pretty gunky. The water itself stays clean through auto-water changes. But it would be nice for some kind fish to help me out, but I don't want to out it in a steel-cage match with a new mother!



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