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Scapexghost Members Interview!


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@Scapexghost, you are being interviewed.

1.) Favourite fish?

2.) Least favourite fish?

3.) Favourite fish YouTuber?

4.) Favourite non-fish YouTuber?

5.) Favourite food?

6.) What fish would you like to be the most?

7.) What was your scariest moment?

8.) What country do you want to visit the most?

9.) Cats or dogs?

10) Describe yourself in 3 words.

11) Pancakes or Waffles?

12) What is your favorite song?

13) What do you dislike most about the aquarium hobby, and why?

14) What is your favorite TV show?

15) What is your greatest fear?

16) What is or was your favorite subject in school, and why?

17) Do you keep live aquarium plants? If so, what types?

18) Do you love or hate pest snails?

19) Do you enjoy gardening?

20) What do you love most about the aquarium hobby?

21) What was the biggest mistake you've made so far in the hobby, and what has it taught you?

22) Burgers or Pizza?

23) What is your favorite aquatic animal?

24) What is your dream tank or something you want to accomplish in this hobby?

25) Favorite candy?

26) What is your favorite book?

27) What other things do you do for fun outside of the hobby?

Others may also ask questions if they wish. 😊

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1) That's a tough one. Of fish I kept, the first two that come to mind are tiger barbs and sword tails. Tiger barbs are beautiful, active, and great schoolers. Not many schooling fish have such good personalities. There pretty aggressive but you can still set up a community around them. Their biggest downfall is there difficult to breed. That's one of the reason I like livebearers so much. I have also always had hard water, so they are all pretty close. Guppies have so much variety and their small, but they're tails make them targets for bullying, and, outside high-end strains, the females leave a little to be desired. Mollies are don't have great color variety but they do have great fin variety. I like platies, especially the short body ones, but mostly they just seem like swordtails without the swords. The are less aggressive though. Swordtails are my favorite aesthetically but they are a little aggressive and both them and platies can be prolific fry eaters. They are much harder to colony breed than guppies or mollies. Of fish I haven't kept, I'd probably have to go with black ghost knives. Such a cool and majestic fish. 

2) That might be even tougher. I'd probably go with bubble-eyed goldfish. Insert that one Jurassic Park quote. No, the other one.

3) That's between Cory and MD. I watch a lot of both and for different reasons. Hard to decide.

4) That's even tougher, since I literally follow hundreds of youtubers. Right now its probably Internet Historian, he's just so funny.

5) Filet mignon or prime rib.

6) Maybe a swordfish? They're pretty cool. I wouldn't want to be a fish though. Couldn't imagine spending the rest of my life with water up my nose.

7) I wish I had a fun answer, but all I can think of is when I got a call that my father was in a car accident. He wasn't, it was just a tasteless joke.

8) I actually have to visit a foreign country for my degree. Currently I'm split between Japan and Ireland.

9) Cats.

10) Smart, Occasionally funny?

11) Waffles. I like pancakes, but you can't really enjoy them plain like you could with waffles.

12) Probably One by Metallica. Despite being a pretty grim song, I have a lot of fond memories associated with it.

13) Lids. Why are all aquarium lids so bad? Why is the hinge right where the light goes?

14) I watch a lot of anime, and my favorite anime is Stein's;Gate. My favorite non-anime TV show is Breaking Bad.

15) I don't have any traditional phobias; I'm not afraid of heights or spiders or clowns. I loath public speaking, but I'm not afraid of it. I dislike crawling in or under things, so perhaps I am mildly claustrophobic. If I have have any fear, it is saying something stupid or that I will regret.

16) I like most subjects that don't have a creative element to them. Not that I am not a creative person, but I don't like being forced to be creative. If I had to pick a favorite, it is probably math, but I really love science and history as well.

17) I keep aquarium plants for four reasons. The first is because the look nice. The second is because the remove toxins from the water. The third is that they provide cover; they lessen aggression and improved the survival rates of fry. The fourth is just because. Plants are fun to keep and grow for their own sake.

18) I don't hate pest snails. They are neat little creatures to observe. I also appreciate the benefits they provide. If you overfeed and you have snails you'll get a million snails, but if you overfeed and you don't have snails you get an ammonia spike and all your fish die. My favorite pest snails are ramshorns, they are a bit more colorful than the other pest snails, they get a little bigger, and they have that classic snail shape, like Gary from SpongeBob.

19) Sometimes, I enjoy plants and growing things, but i don't like working with dirt and bugs can be obnoxious.

20) I like creating an ecosystem and watching in develop. Breeding fish of course, but also fish growing and coloring up, plants growing and multiplying. It's fun and satisfying watching the little ecosystem grow. Keeping fish can be hard and it's a little surprising we can keep them alive at all, let alone in 20, 10, or even 5 gallons. So watching not only survive but thrive is what keeps me invested.

21) The biggest mistake was buying rummynose tetra from a chain store. I bought four from a lfs bc they said they were getting more next week, but they didn't. I was impatient so I bought 11 from a chain store and threw them in the tank. Of course, they all had ich. They died within a few days and the original four followed soon after. I ended up battling ich in this tank for months until I finally overcame it. This taught me two things: always quarantine fish, and don't buy fish from chain stores.

22) Burgers. I really like pizza though. Can't beat a good burger though. And, they a probably a little healthier.

23) Probably the octopus. They're smart and weird and can change color and practically shapeshift.

24) A dream tank of mine is an African oddball tank. Spiny eels, bichers, african butterfly fish, african leaf fish, upside down catfish, rope fish, knifefish, and so on. There are a lot of cool oddballs from Africa. I also want to create my own strain of fish, like a blue molly.

25) Reeses. They are too good. I cut out candy entirely a while ago. If I each one I'll eat a hundred.

26) My favorite book series is A Song of Ice and Fire, and my favorite book is the second of the series, A Clash of Kings.

27) I really enjoy watching football, I watch almost every pro game I can and I attend a lot of college games. I also play fantasy football. I also enjoy watching and attending college basketball games. I do watch a lot of other TV, especially anime, and I play a lot of videogames. My more interesting hobbies include, stargazing, weight training, Yu-Gi-Oh, and chess. I also participate in several clubs involving robotics and machinery.

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I will keep my eyes peeled for your blue molly! I'm raising my first batch of swordtails ever. Parents are orange, black and white "koi" swordtails. Two of the babies are just black and white, like dairy cows. Cute, but more to your point one of them appears to have a definite blue sheen on his/her sides. So I think those genes are in there.

And Breaking Bad is top five for sure!

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On 9/12/2022 at 3:03 PM, Scapexghost said:

Lids. Why are all aquarium lids so bad? Why is the hinge right where the light goes?

YESSSS...  They don't ever fit right, or lay flat - why must we DIY stuff?  Why can't there be decent glass lids for purchase?

(R&D opportunity for @Cory ?  Fill the need? 😉)

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On 9/12/2022 at 8:03 PM, Scapexghost said:

Currently I'm split between Japan and Ireland.

Seems like very different places to choose between, is it placement opportunities or  something they have in common (struggling to think of anything).

I'd pick Japan but then Ireland is only a ferry ride for me. 




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On 9/14/2022 at 4:01 PM, Flumpweesel said:

Seems like very different places to choose between, is it placement opportunities or  something they have in common (struggling to think of anything).

I'd pick Japan but then Ireland is only a ferry ride for me. 




It's because there so different that it's hard to decide. There both safe counties so thats a simularity. Japan seems really cool and different and I only really now it from anime so it would be nice to see what it is actually like. Ireland is cool too, and for being a pretty foreign place while still being english speaking. I was originally set on Japan but my brother called me a weeb and told me to go to ireland instead. He does raise some valid points...

I've never been east of west texas or west of las vegas so i imagine either would be a pretty wipd experience.

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On 9/15/2022 at 4:41 AM, Flumpweesel said:

I am sure you'll be happy with either look at what you need to achieve and see which county fits the bill the research is half the fun. But remember its your trip not your brothers. 

Your right but i didnt think Ireland until he brought it up. It does sound nice

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