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Added Paracleanse and 5mins later Goldfish lost all it's color...


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Stopped moving, went nose up and was unresponsive. My parameters were zero on everything with 8pH. My calico goldie looked like someone dumped bleach all over her. I scooped her out of the tank in and put her in clean fresh water. 5 hours later she's swimming around and seems ok now.

Why would this have happened? 5 more mins and she would have been dead. Only thing in the tank was Prime.

Any ideas?

Thank you

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Not long, a couple months. It's not cycled, not even close. My fish has flukes I've been fighting for quite some time. Has handled every medication I've thrown at her like a champ lol. I tested the water just before I added the Paracleanse, and everything was zero. I had done water changes to get ammonia back down before proceeding with medication. It was as if I threw poison into the tank though, that was the reaction. I have used praziquantel and PraziPro before, no problem. Never have used metronidazole however. But why would this happen? Was it the Prime?

I'm still in shock. I threw together a quick temp tank and picked her up and into fresh water in like 2 mins flat. Took about 2 hours for her to start swimming around again. 

I thought this medication was relatively safe...? I just can't believe it, it happened so quickly...

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