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What’s going on with my Amazon Sword plant?

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Is the sword plant fairly new? Where did you get it? How long has it been in the aquarium? Do you have any photos?

Please share as much info as possible.

Sorry for the spam of questions. 

I don't know what it is about crypts but mine are by far the healthiest plants I have in my 75G tank. They are always bright green, zero algae coverage, and they seem to do great no matter what I throw at them.

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Thank you for replying. I’ve had the sword plant in the tank for about a year. For a long time it didn’t do much as far as growth. When I added root tab fertilizer it took off. I got the plant from another local aquarists.



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Hi @Pete H

Welcome to CARE!

When it comes to plant issues pictures always help!  Looking at the photos the issue definitely appears to be nutrient related.  You mentioned you used root tabs in the past.
What are you dosing currently?
How much?
How often?
Are you doing weekly water changes?
Do you know any of your water parameters? pH. dKH, dGH

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Hi @Pete H

It appears to be an issue of insufficient available potassium. but it could also be iron related - a picture of the newest leaf of the amazon sword would help determine which.  This could be caused by not enough potassium being dosed or another nutrient impeding the uptake of potassium.  Lastly, do you have a plecostomus in the tank? -Roy

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