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Hello from Tasmania


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Hi everyone! 

Here are some photos of some of my collection of fish! I am currently running 7 tanks and one pond! With one more 6ft tank almost ready! From Tamania, Australia where the fish keeping hobby appears to be much much smaller than that of the US. Not even sure there is a single store which only sells aquarium/fish stuff! I haven't been fishkeeping 'intensively' (of course this is relative) for very long, probably only 1 year since I have been running more than 1 tank - but have been keeping fish since I was about 10 (now 20). Very excited for this forum and to be able to interact with other fish hobbyists! I am currently studying at university and working part time at a cafe :). 

My 3ft - The silver dollar will be moved into my 5ft x 2ft x 2ft shortly! :


My angel pair - have laid eggs a few times but never managed to raise them (I wonder whether my school of serpae tetras is the reason...):


My 'nano' tank:


My 5ft x 2ft x 2ft - the africans will be moving to the 6ft shortly to make room for the silver dollars and perhaps an oscar or two:


My new 6ft with a few smaller 20litre tanks for fry underneath!:


This is my full grown brown ghost knife!


Cheers, Oli!

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The only way I have been able to raise angelfish fry in a community tank is to have the tank choked with plants. Even then only 2% of the fry make it, but boy howdy, those fry are the top 2% of their class. They love your water, they love your food, and they are really smart!

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