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Post Aquashella Update

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Going to try to remember all that i picked up this weekend, but here is list and tanks after planting:

 s repens potted (split into 4), 2 clumps  susswasswertang , 1 hydroctyl japan tissue culture (split into 4), 1  flame sword potted (4 inside), 1 bunch  red root floater, 1 pink flamingo crypt tissue culture (4 inside), 1 octo pogo, 2 corkscrew val , 2 crinium , 

also, 2 cholla mini, red reli shrimp, female betta, tiger nerite snail, super red pleco, 



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On 8/8/2022 at 4:15 PM, _Eric_ said:

Nice haul!  Happy to see you supporting A-Z.  Sue does a lot to support the hobby locally. 

And your tanks look amazing!

Thanks! So much a work in progress, lots of trial and error…this forum plus you tube have made it possible.

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