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Serious BGA overwhelming my 75–going to treat with Maracyn, but ??

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I read Aquarium Co-Op article on using Maracyn to treat bga.  However since this is an antibiotic and I will need to use a huge amount every time to treat 7.5 packets (should I just use 8 and call it good?) and I will undoubtedly need to apply several treatments, I am concerned about how such a massive amount of an antibiotic will effect the fish. 


I have nano fish so tiny bodies being exposed to all those antibiotics over and over again.  Will this kill my fish? I don’t have another tank running. 


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Stop, don't do it. 

Just remove what you can manually and then spot dose hydrogen peroxide. 

Turn off all pumps and air, let the water settle to near zero movement. Use 15ml per 10 gallons drawn up in a syringe. Simply squirt directly on the BGA. Wait about 15 minutes while it bubbles. Then simply turn everything back on. You can repeat this process every 24 hours.

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