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Hello from Northeast England (UK)


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Hi all, I was really pleased to stumble across aquarium co-op  on youtube after getting bitten by the aquarium bug! what a fantastic resource! Im kinda gutted there is nothing as good store-wise in the UK but its great to access the vids and website material and Im hopeful that we may get some co-op products over here in years to come.

Bit about me

Ive not kept a tank since my 2 calico fantail  goldfish  at University, looking back I think I did everything wrong but it was all pre internet and I was given bad advice. 

roll on 20+ yrs later and I put a small wildlife pond in my garden for the hedgehogs & birds and this immediatley went from needing a water source for critters to wanting to dig a huge koi pond.....since I have yet to convice the OH that  is a good idea but I was desperate for aquatic pals, I  got a 29 gallon and set it up with some plants and 6 sterbai corys (still procrastinating over what to stock with). 

That was 2 months ago and already I am re-locating kitchen items to fit a 10gallon in there (having a 'spare' is sensible right?!) and am coming to terms with the risk of acute onset MTS! 

I dont like social media, a bit of a nerd (Im a scientist by trade so thats expected) and I'm nuts about plants and wildlife & learning so the co-op ethos is a perfect fit for me and Im looking forward to learning lots from all your experiences.

Pic attached of the tank & the mini pond that started it all- yes I know theres too much hardscape in but Im gonna change that - just keeping the bits to seed the new tank ☺️



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Welcome I'm in the northwest. Have you considered rice fish for that mini pond, might help reduce the urge to rent a digger.

Be careful of MTS until the OH is on side you'll need them to help you keep up with the maintenance.

Have you been to The Deep? I'm contemplating a trip.

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Hi Flumpweesel, I had been thinking about  small fish for it  but its got no filter or airstone just a solar fountain that is on for 8-12hrs in direct sun. It has got loads of plants and snails though.    Good point RE maintenance, OH's main complaint is electricity (weird OCD about safety!) but I have gone down from daily care of 2 guinea pigs, 2 cats and 2 snakes  that he never helped with to just 1 cat 2 snakes and its a relief not to be cleaning up so much poop every day so I should to keep a lid on it! 

Had never even heard of the deep just had to google it looks fab, the 4y/o would love that! def going on the day tip list. Hull is doable in a day from here 

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Hello from Florida! I think your tank looks fantastic! And yes, the MTS struggle is real… I just picked up two 10g tanks without any idea of what to stick them with..  but, there’s always a need for more! As for stores in UK… have you ever watched MD Fish tanks on YouTube? He frequents a shop called Maidenhead Aquatics located in Wellington (Taunton). I don’t know where that is in relation to your location, but it looks like an awesome place to go for everything aquarium related. 


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I have a pond as well! 50 gallon plastic molded kind. We have had it for years with goldfish and plants, but a raccoon found it and got the goldfish. It broke my heart. No more fish outside - just plants and snails. The birds love it, and we are in day 5 of a heat wave (90's everyday in our typically rainy Pacific Northwest has felt brutal!) so I love that they come by to drink and splash around.

Now I am getting addicted to indoor fish- and crabs, snails, shrimp... there's always something new to add, lol!

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