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Purple parrot black spots?


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47958FB5-A837-403B-B245-790A0B287448.png.28da5eea7823bfb497532cc4d5b15e02.png48108B87-2C4A-44CF-9365-1AA675808BCF.png.a583197578bcba399ff1f4d7ce4714f1.png72DEA850-D248-4F68-9E2B-092CC202F763.jpeg.1f0975e21b023360db2a42a5c704eee7.jpegReceived healthy, but black marks showed up on my purple parrot I’ve had for one month.  The other one doesn’t have these show up so not sure what it is.  Any insights?  

Nitrates 50

nitrates 1

hardness 150

buffer 150

pH 7.2

chlorine 0

temp 79


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Parrot fish typically develope black patches in response to poor water quality or stress with nitrites of one it more then likely you have ammonia as well what I would do is test daily for ammonia and nitrite and do daily 30%-50% water changes depending of how high a reading you get and add a double dose of prime to help detoxify any ammonia or nitrite till it constantly test at zero for a week and you have  nitrate reading below 40 @Waterlife

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