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Walstad update and original post lol

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So back in January I started a Walstad tank... I used a few youtube videos to set it up and was all excited.  By the time February came around I started to see algae buildup.  I ended up added a fish (guppy) and shrimp in March and by the time May came around it was so filled with so much algae that it killed almost all the plants in the tank... UGH! 

By the time May came around we were in full force getting out garden ready and all the seedlings (400+) hardened off.   The tank took a back seat for a while.  Coming back to it in June I figured I would do some research and see what the issue is.  I thought it was light so I started adding floating plants but that didn't help, even the roots of the floaters were being coated in algae.  I ended up watching a "father fish" video on how he does walstad tanks and it finally popped in my head, the nutrients from the soil were leaching into the water through the gravel.  DUH!  I pulled everything out, sucked most of the water out and added sand; replanted and OMG everything has been great for a month now.  


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ORD 😍Awesome. I’m glad you got it squared away. Looking forward to photos!  400 sheesh that’s a lot. I know you are relatively close to me. I got hit REALLY bad with spotted lantern flies this year. I hope they don’t hit your area 🤞🏻

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