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4 Black phantom tetras, and 6 Neon tetra's where to put them after QT

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Here is the story 🙂

I purchased 12 red phantom tetras months ago, only 4 survived. They were SUPER small when I got them and I could never find any disease because the snails ate them before I had a chance to find or look at the bodies 😞. But not messing around they were in QT for almost 3 months, medicated twice with the Trio and left to grow out a bit. Now they are doing GREAT and in my 20G with my guppies, pleco and corydoras living their best life. I initially was concerned it might be because my water was too hard. So I decided to try 4 black phantoms and 6 neon tetras. The black phantoms were a nice size and looked really good in the store, so did the neons but the store owner told me that most have a hard time with neons.. so I decided let me give them a try. 

Well 4 weeks later, and finished the QT trio and they are doing GREAT! gaining weight, great color, super happy so far. Now its time to put them in the main tanks.. but which one? I was thinking to put the neons in the 20G guppy tank, to fill in the middle space in the tank the 4 red phantoms hang out in. 

I was thinking of putting the black phantoms in the 40G with the pearl danio's, panda corydoras, pygmy corydora, rabbit snails clown pleco (that I never see), yellow shrimp, and a long fin super red pleco. My worry was fin nipping.. but my red phantoms do very well with my guppies so far.. but am worried they might pick on my pleco.

When I went to my LFS last weekend.. he had more black phantoms and they were HUGE.. I have never seen them that large before (and either has he). I got concerned that the 20G might be to small for them. 

Both tanks are heavily planted as well, with lots of hiding space, and swimming space.

What do you all think? 



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