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Plants are due to arrive tomorrow :)

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Hello fellow fish keepers and all things plants! 

I am a new aquatic plant keeper. My plants are due to arrive tomorrow after a 5 day journey from Co-op to SC. They are all low-light beginner plants. I got a variety to see what does best for me or rather what I do best for them. 

Question: Do I get them planted (new tank) with their root tabs--for the root feeders (gravel substrate) and start them on light and easy green liquid or wait a day or two for them to recover from their "shock"?  I don't think they are going to use nutrients right away as they recover. Wait a day or two for adjustment to water parameters? or go ahead and get some fert on them? I am going to start with 8 hours of light/day. 

Thank you! 

[Anubis, Melon sword, Octopus, Val, crypt wend, red blub, water sprite, windelov java fern] local moss [java, weeping], local floating [salvina] 



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It won’t hurt anything to wait a few days (or even a few weeks) if it better fits your schedule, but there’s no need to wait a few days.  The sooner they are planted, the sooner they are rooting or adapting to your tank conditions.

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