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Beginner needs help sexing Kribensis please


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I thought I had this figured out from day one. But the more I examine these two and their behaviors the more I feel all wrong. Males are supposed to have spade tails, females rounded, right? Females are more territorial/aggressive or no? 

Here is my observations. At first I assumed the brightly colored krib with the 2 eyespots on the tail was female (June). and the other was male (Johnny). However, it seems "Johnny" has more rounded tail fin and tends to be very "assertive" in the tank constantly chasing "June" until "she?" hides in the corner behind the filter. 

I don't know who is who or  what is what at this point anymore and need experienced advice.

Another thing is If I "enter the tank" to either move things around or something is the only time "June comes out of hiding" almost like "she?" knows I'm there to defend against the aggressor. 

I have tried separating them, I jailed "Johnny" in a breeding box, I even moved "June" into my other tank with my male betta (Under very close supervision) and "June" colored right up and had zero problems with the betta or other community fish including guppy fry. When reintroducing them each time, once without removing "June" and reintroducing "Johnny" the chasing/aggression picked up where it left off. Same when I brought "June" back from the Betta tank. 

"Johnny" wont let her do anything and terrorizes all the dither fish as well.

Any and all advice at this point is more than welcome. 



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