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New and worried.


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So we recently lost power for 3 days do to a storm, in that time my tanks got quite warm and I've had what I believe to be columnaris take hold in my 20 gal long.

In that tank I have 

5 Harliquin Rasboras 

6 Guppy 

5 Black Kuhli Loaches (had 7 but 2 got stuck in my aquaclear inlet tube before I was able to get a pre-filter sponge on it)

3 Corydora (2 of which have these strange patches)

And 2 Yo-Yo loaches. (Both of which I believe have been flashing occasionally, but it's typically while searching for food so I'm not sure if it's "bad" or not)

I planed on removing the Guppies and adding more Yo-Yo's. But I don't know for a for sure what is affecting my cory nor do I know how to treat..

I've attached the best pic I can currently get of the cory. As well as pictures of the tank and some of the fish in it. (Yes there is 5 prego guppies, that's why I wanted to move them)

Screenshot_20220623-171643_Video Player.jpg






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Will have to wait till my husband is home to test the water(it's difficult with a 1yr old hanging off me) a few of the guppy seem to hang near the surface, but no gasping. As for the spots, they do appear to be slightly fuzzy but fairly transparent, with the slightest tint of white. One of my Rasboras also seems to have grown a tiny little beard. 


Everyone really is acting completely normal, even the cory with the most spots on him. Also, just in case it helps, I have not noticed any fin damage or reddness/wounds on anyone. 


Water quality did get quite bad while the power was out,  but we have done 2 50% water changes since getting power back.  But the cory have continued to get worse. 

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The Cory's look like they have over production of the slim coat that can be caused by poor water quality it possible you cycle has crashed due you having no power  for 3 days this will have lead to ammonia and nitirte spikes till you test you water we won't no for sure that what's going on @Tyoung92

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What I would do is daily water changes to get your nitrates down as high levels effect fish immune system  and do a course of kanaplex in food to cover against any possible bacterial infection and ick x to treat the water column that will cover against any possible fungal infection as you side it had a slight fuzzy appearance @Tyoung92


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