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Baby red wolf fish question

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Hi y’all so got a question to ask I had a rare opportunity to acquire a red wolf fish from a breeder in my area who had this guy, I received him yesterday very active and swimming everywhere, he is around 3.5 inches, the first question I want to ask, his fins are beat up tail looks like a bite was taken out not to bad but tail is beat up and his front fins are also beat up along with the top fin, my question is I know people say give it time and they will heal, but I have vitacheme vitamin for my tanks can I dose that and will that help expedite the process also, the question with the vitacheme is I have chemi pure the bags that are for planted tanks, it says on the back removes all medications , so should I remove those if I dose the vitamin or will they be fine, and. Also any tips you have feel free to let me know thx.

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