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Aqueon Ascent light overhaul DIY

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So I am working on making a shrimp tank out of my "old" thrift-store-find Ascent tank. My plan was to use stuff I already had (after finding out that I have too much fish stuff) but the lights that were on the tank were not bright and the power adapter made a high pitched ringing, so I decided it had to go. To replace I decided on a 12" stingray because it was cheaper than a 16" (the tanks actual width) and since it was the same span as the original lights I figured the spread would be fine.


I started by scraping off the paint and lights with a razor blade (cut my finger by not using a scraper handle).


I then glued the stingray mounts to a scrap piece of polycarb panel (one to each) and used scrap screws to mount the light to the panel (may end up gluing them also). Overall it suits my needs and I am content.


I used some scrap wood I had laying around along with some moss, java ferns, and a melon sword that way having a hard time competing against other swords in my 45.


I noticed the light reflects off the angled top some but it is not visible from the lower level of me sitting at my desk. I also somewhat regret mixing crushed coral with my substrate, I did not think about how it would look. I don't like it but also don't hate it.


Overall I am please with the setup and curious to see how the sword will do with the lighting.

So far I have only bought a 12" stingray, catappa leaves, and crushed coral, for this tank. I will have to buy a new air pump because mine suddenly went out the other day... I guess I'll be ordering from the Co-op again soon.


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Slick looking mounting on that light! I just added some Stingray lights to a couple of tanks and I'm also hoping they grow plants well. I might do something similar to attach them though.

And I think the speckled crushed coral adds a nice feature. With the black back, wood and dark substrate the flecks of white draw the eye down to the plants.


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