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SIP, Madison


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Wow, looking back on your life, seeing how much you suffered, is just too much for me. But you were a fighter, that's why you lived so long.

I don't normally create memorials for my platies, but you were a special one, I will never forget you.

You were born, along with your other siblings. You guys were healthy, for a few months. But soon, one by one, you all started dying. No matter how much you guys ate, you and your siblings couldn't put on any weight. When I found you, in the same condition as the others had been before they died, I decided that I couldn't let you die, the last of the group.

I kept you in a betta cup, floating in your tank, for weeks and weeks, for quite a few months. You never had to fight to get your food, for you were in that cup. You got better and better, so I let you back into the tank. But like a pebble, you sunk to the bottom. I caught you, and you were in that cup again.

Finally, after who-knows-how-long you spent in that cup, you were released, among the blue mickey mouse platy fry. You developed cute speckles, and you enjoyed life with the other platies.

You were deformed, and had a arched back, your tail was bent, and you had stunted growth. You also had trouble swimming, but otherwise you lived a healthy life.

I will never forget the day, when I found you on the bottom of the tank, infected with the same dropsy that has killed so many of the other fish.

No matter what I did, you just got worse. A couple nights ago, when I thought it was your last night, you fought to see another day.

It broke my heart, to see your body so lifeless this morning. And although I know that I will never see your body so energetic again, I hope you had a good life with me, even though you suffered when you were a baby and your last few days with me.

You have impacted my life, Madison. That's how special you were.
I love you, little one. And swim peacefully under the rainbow bridge.
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