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Can changing root tabs cause sword to melt?

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I have a heavily planted 20 gallon with various things, incl some crypt, and a few different kinds of Amazon swords. One of the swords is the kind with a smattering of red, but mostly it's green. There's two plants growing on separate sides, but they're both from one original plant.

Anyways, I was using ACO easy tabs. I saw the tank needed some more nutrients, so I added some DIY Osmocote Plus tabs. The two swords are slowly melting. Not like from the outer leaves first, but all of them are slowly turning yellow, then clear ish brownish, then dissolving.

I also started dosing some potassium about the same time. I got the expected melt from the crypts. Just a little, and they're growing back bright green now, instead of the bronze they were before.

But does that sound right for different tabs? I mean I guess it makes sense. When you change water parameters, you get weird stuff sometimes, right?

I'll attach a couple pics. I couldn't really get the melting to show, but I circled the crypts with the new green growth, and circled the swords I'm referring to, but they're kinda small in the pic.



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