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Floating Plant Bugs

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Hey friends!

I discovered these very tiny crawlers on my floating plants. They hardly move, and they don't leave the tanks, but I was wondering if y'all knew what they were and if they are harmless or if I need to do something about them. They are pretty tiny so I tried to get close but it was hard. They are like little dots! Thanks!

slavinia bugs.jpg

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I cannot tell exactly from this picture what they are. You can try picking them off if you don't like them.

There are so called Salvinia Weevil bugs that lay eggs and when the larvea hatch they will hide in the roots killing the plants. https://www.lsuagcenter.com/topics/environment/invasive species/giant salvinia/salvinia weevil

If you can get a closeup picture that'd be great 🙂

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Hey Wesley! 

That's super helpful! I'm looking for the 'elephant like' face they might have now. They body type seems to match. 

I haven't seen any of them fly before, they are super chill, but if they are killing my plants then I really want them GONE! 

What could I do to get rid of them? Hydrogen peroxide and water bath? 

Here's another attempt:

tiny bug.jpeg

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34 minutes ago, Claireeg7 said:

Between these two posts, I'm convinced I have water aphids now! How can I get rid of them?

My floating plants are still producing new leafs every day and I have some cherry shrimp constantly tending to them. So they aren't really dying yet. 

I've only ever had these once and didn't mind them until they bread so much they did start to leave the tank. They don't survive outside the tank but they sometimes leave it. I took out nearly all of my floating plants and that greatly reduced their numbers. I let things grow back and their population never recovered and eventually died out.

They seem to totally rely on the floating plants for survival so managing the plants is how you get rid of them.

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