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  1. What are your water paramters? Do you clean the leftover food / waste from the bottom of the breeder box?
  2. Snek aquarium vacuum cleaner. I'm looking forward to see Aquarium Co-op adventuring into Europe. Its going to get very difficult to set foot here as there are a lot of old well known brands that most people stick to. But then again there are also some crappy ones that is just chinese rebranding. I just want to buy two dozen sponge filters. They're not really commonly sold here and most people including me just buy them from china but they're not much of a great quality.
  3. Or did you mean to say "betta" ;)? App for Android works great. Will test it out for a bit. Do you want to collect the feedback too or just send it straight to invision?
  4. You should have a look at the Odessa barbs from Greg Sage at SelectAquatics. He has a line where the colors are superior over any other line of Odessa barb I have seen, very dark blacks and really intense red streak. He is even working on getting some yellowing into the fins. I dont really have an answer for your question, but anything about Odessa barbs, he should be able to answer.
  5. 20 gallons is quite a big water volume so that should definitely be good for a couple days. Just make sure to not overfeed and have at least an airstone in there. Move her back to the main tank after you see she got thinner, which indicates she has dropped fry.
  6. I'm not sure where you would order them, if you have doubt wether it is safe to ship certain types of plants I'm sure you can email the store and ask for their recommendation. Alternative suggestion; Maybe you can check local facebook groups or ask around and see if anyone has some clippings to spare? I'm not sure how shipping at the coop goes, so I cannot comment on that.
  7. Wesley

    Betta Dying

    Before you start dumping more medicine in there, have you tested your water parameters to exclude bad water quality? How long have you used the medicine for?
  8. Is there a bigger tub you can temporary use? Add some floating plants / moss and an airstone? Breeder boxes cause a lot of stress. I personally do not use them. An alternative I've used is floating pond baskets. They have tiny holes in them and the fry swim up in there. I got mine from the local garden store. They float on their own and the fry are clearly visible in there. I dont put fish in there as again it will just stress them out and they will jump out of it. What I would also do is cover the tank the next time the lights go out and keep it dark so to give the female chances to hide from the males if there is a lot of chasing going around.
  9. Sometimes it just takes plecos to get used to a certain type of food. You can ask the store you bought your pleco from what they feed them. Try to drop a wafer in front of him when he is out of the cave, maybe he'll pick up on it. You can also feed them canned green beans (mine don't eat fresh ones), blanched zucchini, pumpkin, cucumber. See what works and always try to diversify foods so that if you run out of one, switching wont be an issue.
  10. I cannot tell exactly from this picture what they are. You can try picking them off if you don't like them. There are so called Salvinia Weevil bugs that lay eggs and when the larvea hatch they will hide in the roots killing the plants. https://www.lsuagcenter.com/topics/environment/invasive species/giant salvinia/salvinia weevil If you can get a closeup picture that'd be great 🙂
  11. Fish food prices are all over the place and usually the smaller containers are more expensive. Recently came across some price for bulk which made me realise how overpriced everything is: Small 250ml container here is about 6 euros. 1 liter container is about 20 euros. 10 liter container is 40 euros. I dont think flakes can last 3 years even though thats the best before date and I dont have that many fish (yet) to justify buying 10 liter tubs of fish food.
  12. Can you please post all water parameters? (Temperature, PH, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, KH / GH) Nitrates at 5ppm is fine and nothing to worry about. I'm not sure why you thought it would be a problem? You just started building an ecosystem that needs to come into balance where fish waste is converted into plant food. I would suggest to read up on these articles: The Easy Guide to the Nitrogen Cycle for Aquariums WWW.AQUARIUMCOOP.COM Are you getting started with your first fish tank? Then you may have heard of something called the “aquarium nitrogen cycle,” followed by a bunch of complicated scientific terms and graphs that seem a little overwhelming. No... Freshwater Fish Tank Cycling - How to Prepare for New Fish WWW.AQUARIUMCOOP.COM Have you ever seen a fish in the wild living in pure, crystal clear water with no other contaminants? Probably not. That’s because life doesn’t flourish in “pristine” conditions, but rather when there’s a whole ecosystem of...
  13. How are your water parameters looking after a week? Is your main aquarium cycled and are there any fish in there? If not do you have a friend / coworker or someone else where you can get some filter medium from? See if you can jump start the cycle by introducing beneficial bacteria to your main aquarium and move the endlers there to give them a bigger volume of water. To me it seems like you never have had the tank cycled or had the cycle crash, somehow. Salt isn't going to fix this issue as the root cause of your problem is chemically and not any disease.
  14. Non virgin females are never guaranteed to use the sperm of only the last male. They can mix any stored sperm packets and quite often they will just simply use old and new though usually after a couple fry drops this ratio shifts to the newer male. What I would do is put the male with a couple females for a couple days, seperate them after and after 6 - 8 weeks the female should start dropping fry. Raise the fry to two months of age and usually you'll be clearly able to tell the traits you want. Cull the ones you don't want and if you want to keep choosing the male / female pairs to sex them early on. This method is what I use to continue line breeding some mutts I found that looked really great.
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