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Continuum Aquatics - Freshwater Thoughts?

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Hey everyone,

I live in Australia and unfortunately cannot get my hands on "Easy Green" so I'm forced to try alternatives. Has anyone used Continuum Flora Prolifea (replacement for Excel) and there Flora Viv/Grow range?


Looking for some recommendations for good Easy fertiliser and carbon.

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Hi @Reitou

Not really impressed, other than carbon source and nitrogen no other macro-nutrients or micro-nutrients listed in the information I see online.  If you can find it I would suggest Tropica Specialised Nutrition as a much better alternative.  If your pH is >6.8 if you can find Seachem Flourish Iron I would dose that in conjunction with the Tropica Specialised Nutrition because the iron in the Tropica is basically unavailable in tanks that are on the alkaline side.  Hope this helps! -Roy

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