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White dot during quarantine trio?


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Hello all - I am running through the quarantine trio for 6 black skirt tetras that I've had for two weeks (the water parameters were not stable and I didn't want to throw too much at them at the same time). The fish showed no symptoms of anything prior to starting the quarantine trio. Yesterday, I started the quarantine trio. This morning I have one fish that has some white pin pricks on him and I can't tell if it's leftover powder from the quarantine trio or possibly ich.

Either way it's already being treated for it technically speaking, but if it is ich should I start treating for ich beyond the quarantine trio and separate out the fish further?

Water parameters are currently ammonia: 0; nitrates: 0; nitrAtes: 5ppm. pH 7. Temp 79F. Hardness 6.7dkh. All of these parameters have been stable for the past week, other than slowly easing the temperature up from 77F over the course of a few days because the next fish I'm introducing likes it warmer and I want them used to the temperature.

Any thoughts appreciated, thank you!

fish video clip.png

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