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Mystery snail!

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Just wanted to thank this forum for showing me how neat these little dudes are. I am already in love. 😍

Gumby! My first mystery snail!


One of these days I’ll be brave enough to pick them up and see what gender they are. 😅

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Gumby may show you without picking them up, it's not hard to tell when you know what to look for. In the pic below this is my old boy Pegasus (R.I.P. Peg) to the left of his face as he turns away from the camera you can see his boy part as an "outie" if Peg was a girl you'd see an "innie" or a hole there. 


Congrats! They are so cute and so fun to have in the tank. 

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Ok so… I might’ve gone out and picked up one more snail… 😅


This is Furby! They seem to be a little less outgoing than Gumby. Hopefully they’re able to settle in and feel a bit more comfortable tonight while everyone snoozes. 🥺

Bonus Gumby picture!


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