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little white creatures

SC Fish

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I recently set up a small "vase" of sort which i plan to house small snails in, some of the water i used from my tank which has been cycled for over a year.. , i now see a small creature , i think there is just 1 . Keeping in mind the water has been in my 1 year fish tank which has had only 1 death, i think they are ok? 


its almost zapping around, like its quickly jerking to one side to another, up and down etc. Appears like it almost has wings? and its white.


are these safe for the snails i plan to put in? If not what should i do? 


also now im thinking about it i am using spider wood (boiled a while ago) that has been in a previous tank? (if spider wood is issue let me know) 




CANNOT provide image

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On 5/26/2022 at 11:47 AM, SC Fish said:

@Guppysnailyeah! looks just like  the 6th one! thanks for letting me know 🙂

If you google aquarium microfauna you can identify most common things. That’s what I did to find you a chart of them but I had to google copepod to get you a decent chart with multiple types. 

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