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Kribensis (M) heavy breathing


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Male kribensis in community tank was laying on bottom behind cave and appeared to be panting. Other fish no signs of stress. Any help identifying please ? 

Ammonia 0
Nitrates 40
Nitrites 0
Gh 8
Kh 6
Ph 6.5-7

temp 26°c 79°f

Male krib in QT with 1.5 tbls salt / 2 gallons


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Unfortunately he didn't make it, inspected the gills but didn't see any signs of damage or parasites ( I don't have a microscope though) 

If anyone has any ideas what may have caused this so I can prevent it in the future it would be appreciated. 

Community tank is a 240 litre ( 48 inchs by 18 inches ) I believe this is a 65 gallon ? 

2 inch sand substrate, Large piece of bogwood, black lava rock and various  plants. 

Running 2 sponge filter ( for aeration and so I have cycled filters for rainy days ) 

And a ultramax Cannister filter running sponge and bio rings.

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