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Small Black Spots on New Red Cap Oranda


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673871F6-6EEF-40BA-9A11-44ECE5CB3DEE.jpeg.1936e55c1a2d79d38f6f2424a5af1ea0.jpegTemp: 71f

Ammonia: 0 ppm

Nitrite: 0 ppm

Nitrate: 7-10 ppm

pH: 8.2

I just noticed 2 small black spots and some black fin discoloration on my new baby Red Cap Oranda. He just arrived six days ago, so he’s very new, and I’ve been watching him carefully. I’m fairly certain I would have noticed these spots if they’d been there previously.

I’ve read that black spots can appear for a number of reasons: 1) bruising, 2) ammonia burns, 3) external parasites.

The fish were shipped to me overnight and were in transit less than 24 hours. Could this be discoloration appearing from ammonia burns or shipping trauma? He doesn’t seem to be scraping against objects or substrate, but I did notice him sort of “shimmying” this afternoon, which prompted me to post.

Would appreciate any insights. Thanks in advance!



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