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Fish lover (obsession?)

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Hello all, I'm Reyna. I currently have 5 tanks. 2 are completely up and running two I just bought because I just can't stop myself sometimes, lol. Right now I have Crowley the Plakat Betta in a 5.5 and I know it sounds horrible but I have a lonely glofish danio in a 3 gallon. He got transferred there after he er, took out his tankmates one by on in the 6.5 after being perfectly fine for about 7 months. I didn't really know what to do with him and before I could do anything well :/. I did have another Betta, a Rose Petal named Dmitri in the 6.5 after doing a transfer and acclimation but he recently passed, I'm still not sure why. He didn't have any diseases and the water levels were great he just stopped swimming and I had to get some advice on how to help him along which was not fun but better than him suffering. Anyway, I cleaned that tank very well just in case and am getting it cycled for someone new and I'm doing a planted 29 gallon which I've made a post about elsewhere,  hope that's OK, and a 55 gallon which will be a doozy to get up and running but for that one it's in my father's room. I live with my parents to help them out and it benefits of helping me out as well of cheaper rent but my father is disabled and hasn't been able to get put and around a lot lately so I'm hoping helping to set up the tank and pick out the fish will cheer him up. Anyway I suppose that's all for now 

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