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Got My First Power Head

Bev C

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I have had fish for 15 years  always used air pumps & air stones, a small wave/circulation fan -pump  for better  water movement. But my wave pump  broke a couple of months ago, and I  put off buying because I could not make up my mind to buy  I wanted to try a power head

 I have very old small fish and I did not want it too strong for them. Even bothered Candi with questions about the power head   But over the weekend I gave in bought the AOC power head with a mini prefilter sponge (in case I needed it)  it came yesterday 

I put it on my 55 gallon tank with my ACO, my sponge filters  …  WOW !!! Amazing  & Now I  ask myself why I waited

Without the pre-sponge it is not too strong for my fish couple  of my fish will not go near it but my cories love it ... and it has taken care of my dead spot of mess that stays around, and I have more movement for my  fish & plants it is way better than the wave  circulation pumps I used   .. And my tank looked so much  better this morning ....

So I will wait to see how it goes, but I am already considering replacing the air pump  & buying another one for the tank's  other side  and the other  sponge filters ... I am wondering if 2 would to many for a 55 gallon ?

Thanks, Cory & the AOC Team for an awesome power head  I am loving it so far 

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