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Ghost Catfish? Questions and more.


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So a few months ago, I went out to look for mollies, and the local pet store had accidently recieved 7 of these ghost catfish, they were not healthy and I couldnt let them die like that, so I have them (one died during their move to my home) in a 20 gallon now, and by the end of next week in a 55 gallon. I know very little about them except that they are river fish that prefer acidic water and as much shade as possible, I have one of those african logs that really saturates your water with brown tanins to keep the light low and to help them, and a sandy bottom, Im hopeing to change them to my gravel bottom 55 gallon, and I was hopeing to add mollies to that tank with them as well, and wanted to find out if mollies are good matches in water parameters. I know in the wild mollies can addapt to acidic water, and I dont drop my water bellow about 7.6 PH, but the water drifts up naturally even with the tanins so high further than my PH test can read. The ghost catfish dont seem to have an issue with this as long as I dont drastically change it, and I try to only lower it a small amount at a time. Will mollies be fine with this? And on a side note; what about a pictis catfish or cory?

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