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Please help identify


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Hey everyone, 

Sadly, In the last few weeks I’ve had 9 deaths in the tank. After death, (if I have found them before the shrimp do)  they appear they have some kind of red lesion. They die one by one, usually with a day or two between them. Never two at a time. 

I have lost 3 rummy nose, 3 lampeye killifish, 2 Kuhli loaches and an ottocinclus. 

I noticed this lampeye killifish tonight, he was breathing rapidly, and appears skinny and slower than the rest. I hadn’t noticed any other fish have this redness around their gills before dying. 

Can anyone identify this? Parasite? Worm? Disease? 

(Photo was taken when transferring him into an isolation tank)

Water Parameters:

  • pH.            7
  • Nitrates.    2.5ppm
  • Nitrite.      0
  • Ammonia. 0
  • Water Temperature 25-26



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 this calls for a combined treatment approach if they lossing weight or have a sunken belly I would treat with Expel p once a week for a total of 4 weeks as it could be wasting disease after the Frist course Expel p I would do a course of kanaplex in food feeding a small amount twice a day for 7 days as the red lesions could be caused by a secondary bacterial infection


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