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Vampire Shrimp - Parasites?

Mari Cátala

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Hello everyone, I was hoping someone could give me some advice regarding my 2 Vampire Shrimps? Lately they've been acting odd. A few days ago they turned orange (haven't molted recently) and have been darting back and forth in the tank anxiously. They've also been picking at their swimmerets a lot, and have tried to get to the surface of the water a lot. My water parameters have stayed steady for the most part, the only change I made recently was adding in Scarlet Temple and one pump of Easy Iron, but didn't think that could make such an impact on them. I did notice the other some Planarian and wondered if this could be the cause of their stress? I've searched online but can't find a source going over Vampire Shrimp diseases to watch out for or parasites etc. Here are my tank specs:

Size: 29 Gal
Temp: 78°F
Nitrate: 5
Nitrite: 0
GH: 150
KH: 60
pH: 6.5
Chlorine: 0
Ammonia: 0
Tank Mates: 1 Betta, 6 Ember Tetras, 6 Green Neon Tetras, 4 Otocinclus Catfishes. 

Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me!

Update: My Malaysian Trumpet Snails seem to all be gathering towards to top of the tank so I added an air stone just in case there wasn't enough oxygen in the water. I'll update again if the Shrimps behavior improve.

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