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44g longboy update #9

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Unbelievably the growth has exploded in some of the plants after removing co2.  

For whatever reason the tannins are being removed by something... Have only done one water change in the last few months and it was only 5 or so gallons yet the water is very clear (might have to add some rooibos tea) 

I started reducing feeding to once per day around 5pm and the hair algae has died back quite a bit.  I never minded it but to have it looking natural as opposed to 4-5in long is nice.  

The shrimp have exploded, I probably have 40 or more now, need to start thinking about giving them away to people as I've seen 2-3 pregnant shrimp and they have been hiding somewhere today so I'll probably have even more in the next few days.   

A night shot with the fluval moon lights on 



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