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Quarantine medication trio causes cloudy water


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I started the AC Medication Trio treatment on a betta yesterday.  At the time the water was crystal clear.  There was some algae growth, but nothing else notable in the tank.  This evening I have cloudy water, these little mushroom things on the glass, and an apparently still healthy fish.

What's going on?  Should I be worried?  Is this normal?


APC_0248.JPG.e5fd17ca8e33225369429e565b7b7d86.JPGAPC_0247.JPG.bd45e8292d1e92116945d1f5fc27bdd8.JPGAPC_0246.JPG.ee956d5dec4c444f7eae6d38f90817a8.JPGI st

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Hmm . . . I have never personally experienced this before. How long has your aquarium been set up? What are your parameters, including temperature?

Is this a glass aquarium or a plastic / acrylic one?

What sort of filtration are you running?

I always like to mix the power packets in a cup of tank water thoroughly before adding to ensure that they're easily dissolved first.

It might be a bio bloom -- especially if your tank is new, and the cycle isn't very established. Antibiotics do whack at bacterial colonies a bit. But if your tank is going strong awhile, that shouldn't happen. 

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Here's the details:

  1. 5.5 Gallon glass tank
  2. The tank has been up about 2 weeks.
  3. It's got a sponge filter that I brought over from an established tank.
  4. It's not cloudy from the powders.  I added them last night and the tank was clear this morning.
  5. water
    1. Ammonia: 0
    2. Nitrites: 0.5
    3. Nitrates: 5
    4. ph 6.6
    5. chlorine 0
    6. temp: 77
    7. gh 16
    8. kh 7
  6. I did a 50% water change before I started the meds.  Nitrites were at 1 or so and nitrates at 10 or 15, so it seems like the cycle was not fully established.
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