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Shipping Price Increase.


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This is regarding the increase in price to shipping that will inevitable happen.
I have a suggestion to the co-op.
Since you guys are developing lights, how about manufacturing them in only 2' and 1.5'.
This makes it modular for those with 3'-4' tanks.
Possibly have the lights connect to each other.(magnets). In order to have a better looking light.
I suppose if you could figure out how link them together, only 1' lights would need to be produced.

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That's a pretty cool idea! A modular light bar would be really cool. I could see using metal dowels in a channel along the frame to connect the lights to create a span; with DC power connections at the end of each light bar to daisy chain them. Could even have a simple wiring daisy chain with RS485 or something to sync them together. Have a seperate control module for the settings or a dip switch to toggle to slave mode between lights.

But if there was a separate control module it could save money. Especially if it had more than one output port. You could do whole rows of lights on the same schedule. You could even have it so the lights could connect together via extension leads so each light could be spaced apart, or put together with the dowels.


I may just draft this design up in CAD so you can see what's going on in my head. Lol

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