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Need some axolotl advice...

Amy C

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I've posted about my axie babies and bought a bunch of stuff to adjust we will say...biggest thing is the air part...I thought I bought a monster air pump that was quiet but I think I was mistaken...this is my need for air:

2x large sponge filters (1 in two 55gal)

4x nano sponge filters(2 in each 20gal long)

12x nano sponge (1 in around 2gal tubs)

My main 55gal tanks don't necessarily need different filters just thought it would be better as in less outlets,less heat in tank,and slightly smaller space. What I currently use does bio,light,and air all in one. My axolotl tank I try real hard to aim for 65°F which I've done since last Aug but its rough sometimes. Any suggestions I really appreciate as im having some dilemma in switching to air.


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Cory mentioned in a recent video that if they are out customers should buy from their competitors.  Based on that comment, I am still not going to name the company as it is a direct violation of the forum rules.  However, I will say if you use the search engine of your choice to look for "linear piston air pump", there is a company that has been around for years that has equipment to outfit fish rooms.  I'd check there.  In Cory's old vids where he is building out his old fish room  he recommends purchasing from them.  Sorry I can't be more direct.

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