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New Fish for the Week 3/28-4/3

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Here's the new stock for this upcoming week after they are cleared from quarantine! Quantities are an estimate, and not every fish makes it through the process. As a reminder, most fish are ready to go by Sunday/Monday depending on how quarantine goes, and we do not put "holds" on any fish mentioned in this post. All fish are sold as a first come first served basis.


As a reminder, if you have any questions on these or other questions related to the store, please email us and do not reach out via PM, please.


Frogs, Shrimp, and Snails

12 x African Dwarf Frogs

100 x Amano Shrimp

150 x Cherry Shrimp

60 x Orange Rili Shrimp 

60 x Red Rili Shrimp

80 x Blue Velvet Shrimp

40 x Asst. Nerite Snails 

40 x Asst. Mystery Snails 


16 x Asst. Males


12 x Gold Angelfish 

12 x Medium Angelfish (Locally Bred)

12 x Apisto. Agassizii "Double Red"

12 x Apisto. Agassizii "Fire Red"

12 x Apisto. Cacatuoides "Orange Flash"

2 x Leopard Discus

2 x Red Cover Discus

2 x White Butterfly Discus

Corydoras and Other Catfish

25 x Panda Cories

25 x Albino Cories

50 x Habrosus Cories

25 x Sterbai Cories

25 x False Julii Cories 

25 x Dwarf Petricola Catfish (Locally Bred)


1 x L190 Royal Pleco

25 x Common Otocinclus


12 x Reticulated Hillstream Loaches

50 x Kuhli Loaches


100 x Cardinal Tetras

100 x Ember Tetras

100 x Neon Tetras

100 x Green Neon Tetras

75 x Rummy-Nose Tetras

25 x Platinum Hatchet Fish

1 x Flagtail Prochilodus


50 x Cherry Barbs


25 x Celestial Pearl Danios

25 x Glowlight Danios


50 x Chili Rasboras

25 x Emerald Eye Rasboras

Other Cyprinids

25 x Siamese Algae Eaters


25 x Sunset Honey Gouramis

12 x Powder Blue Dwarf Female Gouramis

12 x Chocolate Gouramis

12 x Pearl Gouramis

6 x Leopard Bushfish


30 x Assorted Male Endlers

50 x Assorted Fancy Female Guppies

100 x Assorted Fancy Male Guppies

25 x Calico Lyretail Mollies

25 x Blue Mountain Calico Platies

25 x Sunset Platies






1 x Fire Eel

3 x Orange Spotted Eels

25 x Pea Puffers

Orange Spotted Eel.jpg

Flagtail pro.jpg


Pearl Gourami.jpg

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