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Denison Barb

Kevin F.

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One of my Denison barbs has got himself cut pretty bad.  It wasn't this way yesterday when I did my weekly maintenance and update.  I couldn't get a really clear picture of it.  The white you can see in the image was bleeding when I saw it so it must of just happened.  It's like he got caught in something and it pulled back a couple scales and pulled out some flesh. It dosent really show up but there a line that starts at the top a ND goes almost all the way down.



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Update.  One of the other  barbs just ripped the small tuff of flesh off.  He zoomed around for a couple seconds and is now back schooling with the other dish.  2 of his scales are still sticking up.  Now like @Dwayne Brown said I just have to keep an eye out for fungus.


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