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Fish B-Roll Footage

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On 3/7/2022 at 8:08 AM, Shenandoah Aquatics said:

Hi i was just curious if anyone had any suggestions to finding the best b-roll footage to use in care guide videos on youtube. Is there a place to purchase/individuals for the rights to use. What would you suggest doing? Thanks!

Good question! If you’ve got particular species you’re keen on B-Roll of, perhaps you could just ask the forum: “Anyone have B-roll of _______ that I could use for a species guide video?” What’s more, if folks are willing to share, they might provide you with non-conventional wisdom from their experience keeping and breeding certain species.

If you’re interested in B-roll from species we keep, I’m more than happy to share. You can message me personally on the forum if you’d like. 

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