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G'day from Straya mate!


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G'day all.

Bentaz here, from northern NSW Australia. I have been keeping fish for about 25yrs now, I used to beed a fair few African Cichlid, I've bred goldfish, dabbled in aquaponics a bit too.

I like native australian fish also and currently have 3 types of gudgeons and a Barcoo Grunter.

I love diy projects, I love tinkering and building filters, I love experimenting with things. I'm slowly getting back into fish now after moving interstate last year.

Currently we have a few small tanks inside with tetra's, dwarf gurami, some betta's and bumble bee gobies and outside the natives, giant danios and some live bearers.  Oh and the goldfish  danio fry in the hospital tank20220307_175243.jpg.290b759e49fb24bbd7ba35896052f5f8.jpg20220307_175158.jpg.8c2834ec63f6d303e0932c3e4b9438b3.jpg20220307_175134.jpg.727a1fd9315d563e9077fd25d24a83da.jpg20220307_175105.jpg.02238d39e7390aa5a76ca14829a24209.jpg

We even have some Danio fry that my partner spotted outside and we scooped up.


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Outside I have this set up


It holds about 1200lt, diy filter and a heap of potted plants to eat up the nitrates. It's all a bit ugly still but I have some bamboo screening to pretty it up a bit, it's still a work in progress. 

I've got a 7ft tank that I'm working on too but I think I'll give it its own build thread.

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