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aquariumcoop.com brain-fart

Preston John

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Story time.

I needed to order a plug for a powerhead so I went to aquariumcoop.com, like any real fishkeep would. 

Being at the office and needing to make it quick, I searched for the thing I needed "Plug" 

Nothing. What!?! Crud! They must not be selling them anymore. 



My frustration momentarily flashed to anger causing me to pound the Return key like a three year old child.

What's this? I can scroll a little since I'm here.




BAM! That's when I realized my brain was broken. I needed it 



For the life of me, I could not remember that it is called a light timer. Forgot the brand, even though I own 90 of them and have the app on my phone. Forgot that it was wifi. Really just hate brain-farts. 

Anyway it is a great plug for more than just lights 😉 

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