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Rummynose Tetra random death's

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Hi everyone. I have a 4ft aquarium with 5 angelfish, now 1 rummy nose tetra, 4 corydoras a lot of snails and a clow pleco I added two days ago. Its been running for 2 years at my old apartment and almost 4 months at my new one.

I bought 4 rummynose and about a month in I woke up to 3. I assumed that the 1 jumped out of the tank during the night and the dog got to it before we woke up as I couldnt find it anywhere. The angelfish couldnt have eaten it.

2 weeks ago I woke up to one more dead in the tank, the angelfish had sanctioned out a part of the tank protecting their hatched wigglers but I woke up to no wigglers and the dead rummynose. I assumed that he tried to eat the wigglers and the two big angelfish fought him. 

Today I woke up to another dead rummynose, the only change to the tank is the new clown pleco and I forgot to feed last night. I feed twice a day and sometimes visit my mother for the weekend and dont feed at all.

I notice that when the lights go on the red is dulled on their nose, is this a sign that they get stressed during the night? Also am I right about the first 2 and what could've killed the third one?

Temperature: 27°C)
Ammonia: 0 ppm.
Nitrite: 0 ppm.
Nitrate: 19 ppm.
pH: 7

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Sometimes fish just die. An isolated death here or there isn't uncommon. Your parameters look good. Most fish color down at night. Neon tetras really color down at night. The angelfish could be a bit overly aggressive, but they generally don't kill fish the size of rummynose tetras. Given everything I would just put it down to bad luck for now.

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Angels during breeding are coursing with hormones and can often get quite homicidal. It’s either that or bad luck. In general, a small group of 4 rummy’s is very stressful for a fish that naturally schools in the hundreds and thousands. I’d consider a more robust tetra such as a diamond, red eye, lemon, etc next time round. Another option would be hatchets if high will stay at the top and usually angels pay them no mind.

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