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Pea puffer aggressive


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Hey, a week ago i bought my first pea puffer. Was sharing a 12gal tank with 10 rasboras, a couple of otocinclus and a couple of baby panda corydoras. 

Now we are missing one of the rasboras and also, i found dead one of the otocinclus. 

A few mins ago I was feeding my tank and saw one of the pandas rush to the top of the tank bleeding from one side and was dead after a couple of minutes, (was most likely attacked by my pea puffer). 

How can i stop my Pea Puffer from attacking my other fish? 

Love your channel, thanks in advance

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Pea Puffers are naturally aggressive. You're not going to be able to change the aggressive nature of the fish. Putting them in a tank as small as a 12 gallon with that many other fish just amplifies that issue. Your tank as you describe it already sounds overstocked, with or without an aggressive fish in the tank. I would say your "solution" is going to have to be getting a much larger tank so that the pea puffer can have its own territory or removing the pea puffer or all of the other fish from the tank. If you don't have any plants or other objects in the tank to break sightlines, you're going to have even worse aggression as well. This is the reason why many experienced keepers of pea puffers recommend a pea puffer only tank.

I would recommend you read this article:

https://www.aquariumcoop.com/blogs/aquarium/pea-puffer#:~:text=Given how territorial pea puffers,water for each additional puffer.


I would also recommend you do more research on the type of fish you're stocking and the amount of fish you're stocking going forward to avoid issues like this in the future.


I'd also like to clarify that this is a public forum where most members of this forum, including me, are hobbyists who are not affiliated with Aquarium Coop. 

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