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  1. Hillstream loach, tetra cardenal, otocinclus, celestial Pearl danios, snails and shrimps
  2. Hey, i was wondering. I found this tiny orange eggs in my aquarium. I was wondering, what kind of eggs are? Please help!! Ty in advance
  3. Hey, a week ago i bought my first pea puffer. Was sharing a 12gal tank with 10 rasboras, a couple of otocinclus and a couple of baby panda corydoras. Now we are missing one of the rasboras and also, i found dead one of the otocinclus. A few mins ago I was feeding my tank and saw one of the pandas rush to the top of the tank bleeding from one side and was dead after a couple of minutes, (was most likely attacked by my pea puffer). How can i stop my Pea Puffer from attacking my other fish? Love your channel, thanks in advance
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