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Illness or Not?


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Ammonia:  0

Nitrites:  0

Nitrates:  20

Have done several cold water changes this week to trigger panda cory breeding including one today. 

One thing I've never gotten a good handle on is diagnosis of illness in general but especially the difference between a long poop from bloat vs internal parasites. I know something stupid high like 80% of guppies you get from a store will have internal parasites, so I deworm all that I get from stores but this female was from a breeder on ebay so I never did deworm her. She's has a long poop like this now 2 nights in a row. Today I exclusively fed blanched kale. I know sometimes veggies is the recommendation for "constipation."  In quotes cause fish don't really get constipated the same as we do. What's your call on this one?  Also, if I deworm, I probably l should do full tank as it's likely the worms were passed right?



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I realized just now another reason a female guppy can have long poop. If she's close to giving birth. Yesterday my first panda cory fry hatched and this morning I woke up to guppy fry. No male humans are allowed in this apartment cause this place is too fertile for me to trust that!!

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