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Weird thing growing out of my Gold Fish head.


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So a long time ago I placed a bottom feeder in my gold fish tank (I know, I should have left the goldfish alone.  Nothing belongs in the tank with it).  The whole tank bloomed and I couldn't get rid of it.  After many mistakes, I finally got the tank under control but he/she had this weird puff thing coming out of the side of it's head.  It didn't get any worst and didn't seem to bother him/her so I left it as is.  Well, I left the tank for three weeks.  I instructed someone to feed the fish once a day and only a small amount.  BIG mistake.  I came back and the whole tank was full of poop and the fish was catatonic.  It was so bad I actually took the water out of the tank and cleaned out everything out of the tank and cleaned it.  The fish is doing much, much better.  Now that puff that was coming out of the fish head actually extended out.  I am trying to get rid of it, but do not know what it is.  He/she has a few black spots on it as well, but I figure that is mold and am treating the tank for mold.  I am a posting a few pictures on the board and would appreciate any help identifying what it is.  The fish seems fine otherwise.  Please help!




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PH 6.4

Ammonia 0 

Nitrite 0

Nitrate 0

The fish is eating and looks healthy.  I pretty much restarted the tank.  I added a bunch of API quickstart to offset the brand new water.  

and thankyou for getting back to me.  if this is a tumor and isn't hurting the fish or theres nothing i can do about it.  That's fine.  If I can fix it, I will.

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What you could do is a course of maracyn2 in food the active ingredient minocycline has proven effective at shrinking some types of lumps use 1 table spoon of pellets 1 quarter of a packet of maracyn2 1 scoop of seachems focus 1 cap of seachems garlic guard a few drops of water mix well feed a small amount twice a day for 7 days store any leftover medicated food in the fridge

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