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Nanacarra anomola tank mates


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I’ve posted about this tank (29g)in the past. A few months ago I found all my Panda Cory’s dead, I replaced them with Julii’s (after quarantine) and they were all dead the next day. Long story short it turns out the “peaceful” Nanacarra’s are killers. They’ve killed Rummynose and Cardinals. So now that I’ve removed all the tetras they stay in the rockwork. I’m looking for suggestions on tougher tank mates to act as dithers for these guys. Temp 82F pH 7.2.


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Wow... Just looking at the surface of Google indicates they are supposed to be peaceful. I wonder if you just got the Vlad the Impaler version. Maybe try garlic? A wooden stake through the heart? Plastic floating fish suctioned to the bottom with line?

Hope you find a tank mate.

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