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Something seems to be eating my plants

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As the title says something has to be consuming my plants. I'm noticing healthy new growth then a day or two later its gone. In one tank it's  regular and windelov java ferns, another is pogostemon sellatus octopus, and the 3rd tanks it's the s. repens and windelov java ferns. Only thing these tanks have in common are bettas, mystery snails and bladder snails. Plants seem to be healthy and growing, but it seems like part of or the whole leaf will just vanish and it always seems to be healthy growth? Could the snails be the culprits?

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On 2/19/2022 at 2:43 PM, xXInkedPhoenixX said:

I would guess one of a couple of things:

Both of the snails involved do not eat LIVE plants- so there is a possibility the plants are not quite as healthy as they might appear. 

Do you feed your mystery snail? They need supplemental foods. Maybe out of desperation they are eating your plants. 

I will up my supplemental feeding and see if that helps. I will also try to observe my plants a little closer to check for nutrient deficiencies. I suspected that maybe they weren't getting enough to eat, Thanks

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